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This is the website for NotesAntiSpam, a free Spam-Filter under GPL for Lotus Notes R5 and R6 which works without any changes on the Notes-Server and/or the Mail-Database-Template.
The Filter supports bayesian filtering and DNS-Blacklists to filter the Mails.
The Project is hosted by and the project-area can be found at
If you need support, please read the FAQ. If you still have problems other users may help you in the Mailing-List or use the Support-Requests-Tracker to get help from the developers.
There is also a japanese version of NotesAntiSpam.


Where can I get the latest Version?
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What Platforms are Supported?

NotesAntiSpam supports Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP with the Lotus-Notes Client 5.0.8+ or 6.x. Currently there seem to be problems with Notes 6-Servers. If you want to get it supported please contact me.

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Do I need to change/add anything on the Server ?


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It seems to do nothing!

Right-click onto the PacMan-Icon.
Now you can watch the process. A "+" means a new mail is processed and a "." means the mail is already scanned.
Mails which went through gateways known to the DNS-Blacklists configured are moved into the Folder "-Spam".
If you have still trouble activate the Debug.

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How do I activate the debug ?

Right-Click on the PacMan-Icon to open the Main-Window.
Select Configuration->General and select Debug.
The Debug is written to the file NotesAntiSpam.LOG in the users TEMP-Directory.

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